Jenni Miller

Jenni Miller is a freelance writer in NYC with extensive experience writing online and in print.

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Open uri20131029 21823 pszsg4 article

A hush-hush hassidic speakeasy seeks walls

With one day left on her indiegogo fund-raising campaign, will a kosher autodidactic chef get to take her super secret supper club public?

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NY group The Shondes has nothing to be ashamed of

With a mix of riot grrrl and rock ‘n’ roll, the Jewish foursome is busy putting out a new album...

Open uri20131029 4248 1ukse4a article

‘My First Kafka’ offers a new sort of fairy tale

For author Matthue Roth, the grotesquerie of a man who is inexplicably transformed into a bug is definitely a suitable bedtime story