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Jenni Miller is a freelance writer in NYC with extensive experience writing online and in print.

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24 prevenge.w710.h473 article
New York Magazine

Interview: Alice Lowe of 'Prevenge'

Pregnancy is the perfect time to make a horror movie.

Love witch 03 article
New York Magazine

The Love Witch Has the Sexiest Costumes You'll See All Year

Anna Biller’s eye-popping new movie features incredible handmade and vintage clothes from the ’60s and ’70s.

The dressmaker 10 article
New York Magazine

The Bombshell Costumes of Kate Winslet's The Dressmaker

Dressing gorgeously is the best revenge in Jocelyn Moorhouse’s adaptation of The Dressmaker.

31 female horror directors article
New York Magazine

5 Female Directors on Why They Love Horror

Everyone wants to be the final girl.

New York Magazine

Jenny Slate and Gillian Robespierre on New Film 'Landline'

Jenny Slate and Gillian Robespierre on New Film 'La...

08 sharon horgan.w529.h352 article
New York Magazine

TV's Realest New Mom on Being a Woman in Comedy -- The Cut

'Catastrophe' co-writer and star Sharon Horgan is no joke

25 beetlejuice 06.w529.h352 article
New York Magazine

Meet the Couple Who Were Married by Beetlejuice -- The Cut

They celebrated their commitment to each other, and to Tim Burton.

24 zero days.w710.h473.2x article
New York Magazine

What We Learned About Cyber Warfare from the Heroes of Stuxnet

Symantec’s Eric Chien and Liam O’Murchu and documentarian Alex Gibney discuss 'Zero Days,' the new film about cyber warfare and the Stuxnet virus

04 sleater kinney new yorker festival.w529.h352 article
New York Magazine

Sleater-Kinney on Rocking and Reuniting

10 things we learned from their New Yorker Festival panel.

Open uri20140619 6065 64mgop article
New York Magazine

Q&A: Costume Designer Bina Daigeler on Only Lovers Left Alive ...

Tilda Swinton "is like a fantasy bird."