Jenni Miller

Jenni Miller is a freelance writer in NYC with extensive experience writing online and in print.

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Open uri20140619 13681 ht1co5 article

'Punk Singer' Kathleen Hanna on Riot Grrrls Grown Up -

The eye of Le Tigre talks about grrrrowing up and life after Lyme Disease.

Open uri20140619 7438 15ba4dw article

Filminism: Zoë Bell on 'Raze' and Punching Movie Stars in the Face ...

"My job is not to emote. My job is to get s**t done." Zöe Bell on being Hollywood's biggest badass.

Open uri20130411 4585 szang3 article

Director’s Cut: Julie Delpy on ’2 Days in New York’

'2 Days in New York' director, writer and star Julie Delpy talks about family and more.

Open uri20130411 1360 j56tyd article

Director’s Cut: Tony Gilroy on 'The Bourne Legacy'

Writer/director Tony Gilroy has an impressive pedigree.